CSC 107      Fall 2003

Appendix B: Text Editors

Using a Text Editor

Since a Web page is nothing more than a text file that contains special HTML tags, you can use any text editor you choose, even advanced word processors such as Word or WordPerfect. In the G411 computer lab, a simple text editor named MEdit (by Imran Hussain, is installed on all machines for your use. This free editor is similar to the NotePad editor that comes on all Windows machines, but has some additional features that will prove useful. Most importantly, the editor uses different colors for HTML and JavaScript elements, making it easier to identify fix errors when they occur. In addition, it contains a visual listing of files, making it easier to load and save files. It is recommended that you use this editor while in the lab, and you may freely dowload a copy for use on your own computer (from .

If you prefer, you may certainly use the NotePad editor or any other text editor that you are familiar with. Be sure that your editor is set to save files in plain text format.

Starting the Editor:

Creating a New File:

Opening an Existing File:

Note: Using MEdit, you can also select the desired file by first specifying the desired Drive in the box (e.g., a:\) and then clicking on the desired file from the listing.

Saving a File:

Copying a File: